Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center

Phone: 214-407-1901


UMAATC is a non profit 501 (c)(3) organizations that is supported by people like you.  If you would like to make donation please click the link below.

Location: Legacy Fitness Gym 2231 S. Loop 288 Denton, TX

Ages: 2 - 5 year old
The classes are structured and tailored to the individual's attention and skill level. The classes are designed to teach learning skills through the martial arts. Parents are an integral part of their training, therefore are expected to attend every class. We read stories, role play and in each class we have structured fun & games that teach the principles in the martial arts, as well as life skills and safety skills. As an end result of our program the children start to develop self-esteem, self-confidence, learn respect and begin even at this young age, learn to accept responsibility for their actions.

Class Hours:

5:30-6:00 PM5:30-6:00 PMTesting: 1st Saturday of every month at the Denton location.

Lil Dragons - Prospective Students - Come join us for TWO FREE classes to check out the program.  Parents you must attend all classes with your child and participate on the training floor.

New Students Once a person is accepted as a student of UMAATC they (and their parents of under the age of 17) are asked to make a Mental, Physical, and Financial Commitment for at least 1 year.  At UMAATC we feel that it takes at least one year for one to decide if Kenpo Karate is for them and if they are for Kenpo Karate.  
UMAATC is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit School
  as such we have a Parent / Adult Student Council, and Teen Council which serves as the equilivent to a PTA.  All parents, adult students and teens are expected to attend and be actively involved in these councils.