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Posted By :    Grandmaster Byron Mantack  (grandmastermantack@yahoo.com)
Posted :    2/5/2017
Comments :    Sir, I enjoyed your seminar at the Hall of Fame event in New Jersey, it was very informative and educational. I learned much from the speech you gave, and techniques you demonstrated. Your philosophy of the martial arts is unique, and quite frankly, unlike many other martial arts instructors. I appreciate the work you do with the battered women, and other needy organizations. It was good seeing you at the ProAm TaeKwonDo event in Los Gatos and look forward to seeing you again soon. Grandmaster Mantack.
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Posted :    12/26/2015
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Posted By :    Rokudan Kyoshi Gail G.  (cisgardner@yahoo.com)
Posted :    12/26/2015
Comments :    Can't wait to meet sir...Gail
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